The Voting AppTM makes the entire voting process easier, regardless of whether you’ve ever voted in an election or not.The Voting App consolidates scattered and fragmented information into a single place, and gives every voter the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How for any election. The Voting AppTM is every voter’s new best friend!

Peer to Peer Voter Registration

Voter registration cards are inaccurate and take too long to fill out. Just use The Voting App to scan your ID’s QR code (on back of ID) to instantly fill out your voter registration form, email it to yourself complete with mailing address to sign and mail.

Enter your address to:
  • Find out exactly what elections are coming up for you
  • See all of your ballot items
  • compare your candidates on issues stances, endorsements and experience
  • See all referendum details like plain language explanation, supporters views (pros) and opposition views (cons)
Find Your Polling Places

Know where to vote.  The Voting App provides locations and hours of Early Voting and Election Day polling places for every election.

The Voting App - Overview

How to use The Voting App iOS