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Use the Video Voters Guide here on this webpage or get that and more in The Voting App - Represent!SA

You can check out the Represent!SA Video Voters Guide here, or you can get the full experience of 21st Century informed Democracy with The Voting App – Represent!SA for iOS and Android.

About the Represent!SA Video Voters Guide

This San Antonio Municipal Election has 7 runoff races for City Council and a Mayoral Election with 14 candidates.  There are a total of 14 candidates for city offices!  How will voters and new voters know who their options are and what they are about?

The Civic Technology Foundation and Represent!SA are producing a video voters guide to be distributed within The Voting App – Represent!SA and our partnering organizations’ social media.  Voters will be able to compare candidates side by side to determine who to vote for in a way that they have never been able to before.

All of the candidates have been invited to participate in a production that puts them all on equal footing.  All cameras, lighting, sound and guidelines for the production of each video are to be consistent to ensure an equal opportunity for candidates to put their best foot forward.  This provides a free opportunity for candidates to reach their constituency in a tool that we are distributing to all San Antonians.

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Get to know your Mayoral Candidates

Check out the Mayoral Candidates

San Antonio Mayor

The Mayor of San Antonio works closely with City Council to pass laws and create policies for the City, as well as the City Manager, who serves as the City’s chief administrator. While City Council members are elected by district, the Mayor represents all of San Antonio (for a two-year term, with a four-term limit). Candidates are listed here as they will appear on the ballot. All information shared is public information.

San Antonio City Council

Don’t know which City Council District you live in?

Find Your City Council District

San Antonio City Council

The City of San Antonio is divided into 10 districts, and each district elects one representative to City Council (for a two-year term, with a four-term limit). Together, City Council creates policies and passes laws on city services, capital improvement projects, land use and development, economic development, and other City issues. Candidates are listed here as they will appear on the ballot. All information shared is public information.

Get to know your City Council Candidates

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