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Represent!SA is a campaign and coalition led by The Civic Technology Foundation. We need your charitable support to ensure we can provide the best technology and information access for voters. We are going to be at the events across San Antonio letting folks know about The Voting App – Represent!SA for iOS, Android and web as well as creating inspiring events that lead voters to the polls during the Early Voting and Election Day.


But it doesn’t stop there! Represent!SA is part of a MUCH BIGGER MOVEMENT spearheaded by CTF called “Represent!”

“Represent!” is the model we are demonstrating here in San Antonio. This model utilizes the reach and influence of top GOTV organizations, individuals, businesses and candidates to spread the technology for better election information delivery.  It’s focused around best-practice grass roots engagement, technology and entertainment.

We will deliver election information, not only to adult voters, but also to our education system. We believe that civic engagement and voter participation should start early in life. We aim to bring civic education back into schools via fun and engaging technology – the same technology that their parents will be using for their own election information. Our ideas are BIG and BOLD and with your charitable donation we can change the way voters participate across the nation.

It starts with a spark. ThinkVoting started by donating its “The Voting App” backend technology as an open-source project to Civic Technology Foundation. They also donated a customized version of The Voting App specifically for Represent!SA. Download it. You’ll love it! And you’ll never miss another election so long as you keep the app on your mobile device. We need help to make it even better. Money will be used to improve the backend technology, fund video voters guides productions, and promote it to voters across San Antonio. Eventually we aim to have Represent! across Texas and then the U.S. It starts here in San Antonio. Let’s do this folks. Give today and REPRESENT!SA

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